Jamaica Chill - Hike, Camp, Blue Mountains, Beach, & Waterfalls - 5 Days / 4 Nights


We’re delighted to offer a uniquely authentic Jamaica itinerary that is fun, adventurous, active, eye opening and very possibly transformative. Within an hour of landing Kingston, you will climb 3,000 feet to the rural mountain community of Redlight.  Make camp, exhale and relax to spectacular views, spring-fed pools, superb birding and hiking trails literally at your feet.  One night on the beach in Port Antonio, the greenest, most luscious of Jamaica’s seaport towns.  Then inland, the Cunah Cunah Pass Trail, first used by the Windward Maroons in 1700’s.  Home of the endemic Giant Swallowtail Butterfly – largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere - magic turf!  Before Cane River Falls, where Robert Nesta Marley washed his locks. Finally, experience the pop and sparkle of Kingston, the island’s Capital City.  Jamaica has inspired the world with its culture, raw spirit and stubborn individuality.  Third largest of the Caribbean islands, the landscape is a staggeringly beautiful and thrillingly diverse. 

Per Person Cost: USD $950.00

6 Persons Minimum

Cost Includes: Ground Transportation and Driver - will be with you throughout. There is somewhere to store your gear and you will not have to carry your Pack on Hiking Trails.  4 Nights Accommodations - 2 Blue Mountain Camp;  1 Port Antonio, 1 Night Ambassabeth Cabins; Meals –  4 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners;  Trail Guides,  Gordon Town, Settlement & Cunah Cunah Pass Trails; Admissions - Old Tavern Coffee Estate, Cane River Falls.  Does not include Alcohol, Incidentals, Driver Tip, or Meals not listed.  Meals options, not included, are moderately priced - $5. To $15.


Jamaica Chill / ITINERARY

Day 1

Gordon Town Trail Hike

To Blue Mountains Camp

Raf Jam                                                                                                           



Day 2

Settlement Trail

Blue Mountains Camp – (Options / Newcastle, Hollywell, Mt. Edge)

B, D


Day 3

Scenic Drive to Buff Bay – Sea Coast

In route - Old Tavern Blue Mountain Coffee Estate

Port Antonio / Frenchman’s Cove



Day 4

Boston and Winnifred Beaches

To Ambessebeth Cabins

B, D


Day 5

Cunha Cunha Pass Trail

Cane River Falls



GORDON TOWN TRAIL                                                                                                                                           Level of Difficulty:  2  (Rating 1 – 5)                                                                                                                            Approx  2.5 Hours. /  Village life, Waterfalls, Swimming


GTT is the old parochial road still used by residents who live along the path.  Follow the Hope River, crossing bridges over Waterfalls and Pools with many swimming opportunities.  The trail is shaded.  You will see small farms growing coffee and pineapples. And pass through the pedestrian village of Mount Industry.  It is a perfect start to a peaceful few days,



Length of Hike: Approx. 2  hours           

Level of Difficulty:             3

Small Coffee Farms; Natural Springs along the Hope River; Spectacular Views; the developing community of Middleton; Bo Bo Hill; Bubbles Bar; and Cold Spring Heritage Garden. 


As you climb the air starts to cool, the view reveals you’ve gone down and climbed back up a neighboring mountain.  Just before you reach the Newcastle Road at Settlement, a community of Bobo Dreads have claimed land and built CAMP VISION.  Visits can be arranged Sundays are best. Saturday is Sabbath and most of the BoBo community have jobs they work during the week.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCcBvsuJJUI


THE OLD TAVERN BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE ESTATE - The Old Tavern was the first coffee estate to be awarded a license to process and sell their own estate coffee, opening the door for all single estate Blue Mountain Coffee’s marketed today.  Mother and son, Dorothy and David Twyman are the islands’ only artisan roasters, offering several types of roasts as well as the specialty Peaberry and Aged Coffees.  http://www.jamaicanproductsusa.com/old-tavern-coffee-estate/

PORT ANTONIO ,  in the parish of Portland offers beautiful beaches, surfing and a great food adventure.  This is where tourism began with visitors arriving on banana boats.  Portland’s seclusion has always attracted the wealthy and eccentric, leaving behind follies and fables long remembered.  Portland is also the home of Jerk, Jamaica’s fiery signature cuisine. 


FRENCHMAN’S COVE  - www.frenchmanscove.com/                                                                              


AMBASSABETH CABINS -  located at Bowden Pen in the upper Rio Grande Valley in close proximity of the Cunha Cunha Pass Trail.

In 2002, the Bowden Pen Farmers’ Association (BPFA) restored the Cunha Cunha Pass Trail. The trail is one of the most famous trails across the Blue Mountains and is used by residents and visitors alike.

CUNAH CUNAH PASS, is a 5.5 mile mountain trail, which was first used by the Windward Maroons, (Taino and Africans who ran away to the mountains rather than stay as slaves). This is where the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountain ranges are closest together. The area is particularly lush and beautiful with numerous streams and waterfalls. This is also the main habitat for the endemic Giant Swallowtail Butterfly – the largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere.  The butterfly is mythic, people go to great lengths to see it, but few actually do…  


Packing List 

Camping gear - Sleeping Bag & Pillow


Water bottle               

Sun screen & Sun hat

Insect Repellant

Rain gear

Warm jacket or sweater for the mountains

2 Walking shoes / extra pair if shoes get wet.

Water shoes might be welcome

Bathing suit



Any special requirements-medicines, allergy medication, or dietary foods



Suggested Reading

Exodus, by Vivian Goldman

Chris Salewicz - Author

Lunatic or Painted Canoe by Anthony Winkler


About the author

Lynda Lee Burks has lived in Jamaica most of her adult life. She supports her passion for living by the sea, by organizing tours of Jamaica, producing events – dub poets to destination weddings, and as artist and teacher.  

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