Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, a Dazzling Day with Round-trip Flight from Montego Bay!

Blue Mountains

There is a mystic to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains,  a majesty of landscape; a richness of green; rolling mist; clean cool breeze; quiet with bird song, flowers, gardens and of course there’s the coffee!  World renowned, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee is scarce. The island’s esteemed brand, represents roughly 5/100% of the world’s annual coffee production; and of that, 80% has been pre-sold to Japan, leaving a piddling amount of true Blue Mountain Coffee for us in the West, to find and enjoy.coffee-berriesJade vine






One dazzling day in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, in quest of the world’s best coffee, is possible from Montego Bay, by flying round trip to Kingston.

The itinerary looks like this:  7:45 AM – Montego Bay Airport;  8:20 AM – Plane Departure   8:55 AM – Plane lands, Kingston;   9:00 AM –  Meet Driver & head to the Hills!


9:45 AM –  Scrumptious Belcour Home Brunch & Cookbook signing with Chef and Author, Robin Lim Lumsden.Belcour-logo








Clifton Mount



11:45 AM – Jamaica’s oldest & most beautiful Blue Mountain Coffee, Clifton Mount Estate.

1:30 PM – Strawberry Hill Garden & Coffee & Rum Tastingimgres-1Strawberry Hill





3:30 PM – Depart Strawberry Hill

4:30 PM – Kingston Airport, for 5:30 PM flight;  6:00 PM – Montego Bay Airport – Return

Private Tour, by Reservation.  2 to 8 Persons Max.  Cost includes:  RT Flight InterCaribbean;  Ground transportation;  Guide;  Belcour Brunch with Robin Lumsden (and 1 Belcour Cookbook per couple), Clifton Mount Coffee Estate; Strawberry Hill Garden, Coffee & Rum Tasting.  Please call or email for more information.  lyndaleeburks@gmail.com 

About the author

Lynda Lee Burks has lived in Jamaica most of her adult life. She supports her passion for living by the sea, by organizing tours of Jamaica, producing events – dub poets to destination weddings, and as artist and teacher.  

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