The Ultimate Blue Mountain Coffee Excursion

Our Day in the Blue Mountains takes you through the lushest region of the Blue Mountains where the truest of blue mountain coffee beans are grown, introducing you to the most spectacular, interesting and historic coffee estates in Jamaica.

Join us to learn the secrets of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee, from bean to cup. We have carefully planned an introduction to the Blue Mountain Coffee region - like France’s ‘Appellation D’Origine Contrôlée Champagne’, which strictly controls where authentic Champagne grapes may be grown, the area where Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee plants are cultivated, is also strictly controlled.

By late morning we will have climbed 4,000 feet and arrived at Newcastle - established in 1841 as a healthy base camp for the British Army to escape the Malaria and Yellow Fever epidemic in Kingston. Today the picturesque old camp serves for training the Jamaica Defense Force. Newcastle's motto: No obstacle too difficult, no task too great!

Clifton Mount - Blue Mountain Coffee Estate, one of the oldest and finest Blue Mountain Coffee Estates in Jamaica, and the largest private exporter of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The lovely Clifton Mount Estate House, in a garden full of flowers, is the last of few surviving 19th century Coffee Great Houses. Learn the process of growing, harvesting, pulping, and processing beans, then brew a cup of the world’s most prized coffee surrounded by the island’s most magnificent views over the mighty Blue Mountain range.

Strawberry Hill at 3,000 ft. marks the lowest boundary for growing genuine Blue Mountain Coffee. Strawberry Hill was an 18th century coffee estate of Sir Walpole the Earl of Orford. Coffee houses in Europe were as fashionable then, as now, and Jamaica was the world’s largest exporter of coffee, shipping twice the amount than is exported today. It is a delight to visit Strawberry Hill, a 16 room Hotel, Garden and Spa, set on a hilltop with 360 views. The Strawberry Hill garden features over 300 species of exotic plants, flowers and trees and an animated bird life.

A Day in the Blue Mountains From Ocho Rios: 8:00AM – 6:00 PM PP Cost includes transportation from to hotel/residence, Clifton Mount & The Old Tavern Coffee Estates and Strawberry Hill, and guide. Parties from Ocho Rios will include a scenic road trip from the seaport town of Buff Bay. Return trip to Ocho Rios allows a quick view of Kingston, and Devon House.
What to Bring - Walking shoes. Dress in layers, mountains are cool. Binoculars. Waterproof jacket good idea.

Space limited to 8 persons
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This is a custom tour, please contact us for more information or pricing
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From Ocho Rios, from $235. PP / 4 Persons